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Diamond Dogs Grooming Salon has two beautiful locations in Naples Florida. We are a high end salon and spa for Naples most spoiled pups. With personalized services, fast turn around times, and beautifully designed clean salons you won’t go wrong giving your pup a day out at our salon! Visit one of our two locations today!

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Every pet is unique, with their personalities, quirks, and preferences. Our philosophy revolves around understanding these intricacies and crafting a grooming experience that resonates with each individual pet. We believe that grooming should not only enhance a dog’s physical appearance but also uplift their spirit, making them feel as good as they look.

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Greentree Plaza

2400 Immokalee Rd #9

Naples, FL 34110

The Strand

5628 Strand Blvd #6

Naples, FL 34110

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The appointment can vary on time depending on the size and breed of dog.  For small dogs, we ask for 1.5-2.5 hours. Larger dogs and doodles may take 2-4 hours, giant breeds 3 + hours.  We will call or text as soon as your dog is ready to be picked up!

All dogs must be safely contained when not under the direct supervision of a staff member.  This is to ensure the safety of all pets and groomers and the cleanliness of the salon.  Dogs in free-roaming salons may get in fights, soil themselves, get into equipment, or distract the groomers from the dogs on their tables. 

*We offer express grooming appointments for an additional $20* These are done as the day’s first appointment with no distractions.  The groomer does not answer the phone, help other clients, or put your dog in a crate.

We also have playpens which feel less contained, and a large front room at our Strand location for large dogs to wait in (alone or with dogs of the same family only.)

We have a list of services with price estimates on our website.  Our base price goes by weight.  The base price is the minimum price your dog’s groom will be.  It then varies based on coat type/condition, style requests, and behavior.  These factors may extend service time, which in turn raises the cost.  To keep prices lower, make sure your dog is fully combed out before their appointment. View Our Prices

The most current standard on ear plucking is to shave what we can around the ear canal and do some light plucking if the hair comes out easily without distressing your pet.  The days when groomers tear out ear hair until it is bald are over.  This can cause undue stress on your pet and injury to the delicate ear tissue.  If this is a service you desire, it should be done at your vet’s office.   Anal glands are checked on each dog.  If they feel full, we may apply gentle pressure externally.   Anything that does not come out easily or appears to cause pain to your pet will be referred to your vet.

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